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The first Spine Surgery Station

to help surgeons in all phases of spine procedures








Address all spine procedures
Open platform: choose always best screws
Recover the investment faster

Izar is an effective surgery station that seamlessly integrates into the OR workflow and assists surgeons throughout the operation, providing accuracy, predictability and consistency, while they can keep using their everyday instruments.

One station for everything you need




Izar allows to plan your surgery whenever and wherever you want.

Plan your screws
Plan your ablation volumes and patterns
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Izar registers the patient based on images.

It is fast (< 2min)
It is radiation-free
Registration with fluoroscopy or intraoperative CT is also possible
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Robot guided


Izar navigates and guides the introduction of pedicle screws achieving maximum accuracy and consistency.

Open platform: it is compatible with screws from different manufacturers
Flexible: also reaches extreme trajectories
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Robotic Laser

Tissue decompression

Izar enables safe and predictable tissue ablation, avoiding risks (e.g. durotomies) and assuring optimal clinical outcomes.

Navigated tissue ablation with enhanced, real-time tissue identification
Sub-millimetric accuracy vs. pre-planned ablation volume
25% faster than manual procedures
Customized and patient-specific ablation volumes
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And furthermoreUse it as a high definition exoscope

Izar is designed for all spine surgeries

Use Izar in spinal stenosis procedures, fusion and motion preservation procedures, deformity correction procedures as well as in tumor resection surgeries. Izar assists in almost any surgical procedure in the spine, optimising the investment pay off.

Spinal Stenosis
Fusion / Motion Reservation
Trauma & Tumor

Open platform

Izar is unique in its kind: choose the screw that best fits your patient irrespective of the screw manufacturer.

News in Deneb

SFCR Congress - Amiens

Deneb Medical participated from June 15th to 17th in the SFCR 2023 Congress, representing the spine surgical community in France, both neurosurgical and orthopaedic, which took place in Amiens - France. We had the opportunity to meet with top-n...

Congress of the Spanish Spine Society (GEER)

Deneb Medical assisted to the 37th edition of the National Congress of the Spanish Spine Society (GEER) that took place from May 31st to June 2nd in Valencia. Deneb had the opportunity to know the latest results in the application of robotics i...

New investment before the end of 2022

On December 2022, Deneb Medical raised +2.5M€ from private investors and the Spanish Ministry of Science & Innovation. This new capital injection will enable the Company to keep moving IZAR's development and clinical validation.

Deneb Medical

Our mission is to help overcome the effects of human limitations in surgery. With IZAR we offer spine surgeons a surgery station that will bring their talent and abilities to the greatest level, while ensuring safer and more efficient spine procedures.


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20014 San Sebastián
Gipuzkoa, Spain

+34 943 90 56 60

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