surgical robot
for selective tissue ablation


What we do

Deneb Medical is developing a surgical robot for selective tissue ablation that avoids unintended damage to critical anatomical structures.

The robot is based on different optical and photonic techniques that make the system effective and safe.

About us

Deneb Medical is a start-up dedicated to developing a robotic platform for applications in neurosurgery, CMF surgery, head and neck surgery, urology and general surgery.
The initial market focus of the robot is on spine surgery and craniotomies

Our Mission

“Overcome the effects of human limitations in surgery”

Our Values

  • We enjoy working in the limits of knowledge.
  • We are attracted by diverse, varied and original ideas and that is why we work so strongly in building an international and multidisciplinary team.
  • Diversity is good and necessary.
  • We strongly leverage on external talent and innovation.
  • We seek innovation not only in our products and services but also in our business model.
  • We understand work as a way towards self-fulfillment rather than as an obligation.




As part of its strategy Deneb Medical is always looking for brilliant individuals who thrive with new technological challenges and are willing to explore new paths in science, technology and business.

Does this describe you?

Then you’re of real interest to us. If your professional profile fits with any of our current vacancies, then please send us your CV together with a cover letter specifying the job reference you want to apply to.
If you are interested contact us

Current job opportunities:

Test Engineer

Software Development Engineer




Paseo Miramón 170
20014 San Sebastián
Gipuzkoa, Spain

+34 943 90 56 60